The Stewardship Department oversees the land management of the natural areas of the

Wood county Park District.  Land management includes things like removing invasive species,

prescribed burns and planting native plants.



The Native Plant Nursery and Greenhouse at the J.C. Reuthinger Memorial Preserve.

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The Native Plant Program at the Wood County Park District encompasses every aspect of

growing native plants from collecting seed to planting the plants in our parks and preserves.

In 2008, the Friends of the Wood County Park District donated a greenhouse enabling the

Park District to propagate native plant species on site for the first time.  The native seed

nursery is also located at the Reuthinger Preserve where beds of native plants are maintained

for the purpose of collecting seeds.  This minimizes the impact of collecting seeds from

natural areas in the county.  Volunteers are an essential part of the Native Plant Program.

Volunteers help collect seed as well as transplant seedligns in the greenhouse.  Click here to

view the current volunteer opportunities.


Informative links:


OSU Extension Fact Sheet - Attracting Pollinators

OSU - Ohio Bee Identification Guide


For more information about the Stewardship Department, please contact Bryan Bockbrader at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or 419-575-1491.

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