Visit the Carter Historic Farm for your next field trip. These educational resources are divided by grade to meet the grade-level educational standards.


School Trip & Curriculum Handbook

Worksheets & Activities

The following Worksheets are divided by grade level and meet Ohio Department of Education standards.


Pre-K – 3rd Grade

Cursive Letter Guide

Handwriting Practice – Sentence

Handwriting Practice – Passage

Farm Animal Counting Game

Counting & Matching Worksheet

Easy Farm Word Search

About my day at Carter Farm

Alphabetize activity

Reading Assignment

What was a One-room Schoolhouse? Packet


4th grade +

Farmers in the Great Depression

The Great Depression

My Weekly Reader – May 3rd 1929

Great Depression Vocab

8th grade graduation test

Primary Source activity – 1920s Report cards

Carter Farm Word Search


All Ages

1930s vs Today Venn Diagram

Coloring Pages

Classrooms Today

One-room Schoolhouse Games

One-room Schoolhouse Alphabetical

Compare & Contrast Interview

Spelling Bee


*Fieldtrips to Carter Historic Farm are free for schools within Wood County.

**Schools from outside of Wood County are charged a $25 fee for the whole fieldtrip.