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Geocaching photo

Check out our Wandering Geocache Contest for fun and prizes. Click here for more info.




Wandering Geocache clue:

Week 5 has been hidden! This is the last week of the wandering geocache, so what better time to go find it than now?! Better hurry, you only have one week before it’s gone.

  • 41°21.625’N 83°39.591’W
  • Take the slightly less beaten path to find me hiding. Trails like these aren’t from human visitors, but likely visitors of the wilder kind.

Be the First To Find (FTF) for your chance at a BGSU Recreation and Wellness day pass! Find full contest details at #Geocaching

Check out our listing of the caches in Wood County Parks. 

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is the use of GPS technology to locate sites called caches. These caches may be a small box containing a log book hidden in a hollow tree stump or a “virtual” cache leading you to a site for an answer to a question.

There are millions active geocaches throughout the world. Check out for a list of caches in Wood County.

The Wood County Park District is proud to take part in this modern day, free “treasure hunt” and has six official caches located in six different parks.

In addition to our Park District caches, there are many privately placed caches. These caches were placed by individuals who have completed a geocache permit and obtained permission by the Park District. Click here to see a list of the public-owned certified geocaches within your Wood County Parks.

If you would like to hide a Geocache, please fill-out and submit a Park District Geocache Permit Application.

Practice “Cache In, Trash Out”. While out geocaching, bring a bag with you to pick up trash along the way!


For more information contact Craig Spicer, Program Naturalist, at cspicer or 419-661-1697 ext. 3.