MLK day of service volunteers


The Wood County Park District is always looking for volunteers!

If you can share a few hours with us, we have a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.


Volunteer Website:

Watch this how-to use the Volunteer website video.

Register for opportunities, respond to events, log your hours, and visualize your impact.

Read our Volunteer Handbook for more information and helpful references.



Types of Volunteer Opportunities

One-Time Opportunities: Help improve your parks and the environment by helping with an assortment of opportunities.  No experience is needed; everyone is welcome to help.

Long Term: Adopt-A-Park, Adopt-A-Garden, and Adopt-A-Trail (portion of the Slippery Elm Trail) and more.  Please call (419) 353-1897 for more information about these great opportunities.

Group: Groups may sign up for one-time opportunities.  Stewardship volunteer programs can also be set up for Scouting Groups, Master Gardener service hours, or community groups.  Please contact Eric Scott, Stewardship Coordinator, at  or (419) 661-5113 for more information.

Volunteer Applications are required. Please download and print the form, or request a packet from volunteer services at the Park District Headquarters. (419) 353-1897

For more information about our volunteer program, please call 419-353-1897.

If a background check is required for your service click below:

Volunteer Background Check

Visit our Volunteer website.

Adopt-a-Garden Program:

Our native plant gardens need your help!

Sign-up to be part of a team of people who design, implement and care for the native plant gardens.

Staff will meet you in the spring to get you started. You choose the day and time to visit and tend to the garden. We will supply the plants and tools you need for a successful garden.

Log your hours and add them to this website.

Adopt-a-Garden Parks include:

  • Beaver Creek Preserve
  • Black Swamp Preserve
  • Bradner Preserve
  • Carter Historic Farm
  • Cedar Creeks Preserve
  • Otsego Park
  • William Henry Harrison Park
  • W.W. Knight Nature Preserve
  • Wood County Historical Center & Museum

Specific Requirements:

Need all signups for various gardens by March 15th (initially to preserve garden)

One member from each group to contact me (419) 575 7347 or email

Meet in April about plans, plants etc.

Set up dates starting in May.


  • Minimum visit of once a week (solo) or twice a month (group)
  • A group log so members know who visited and did what
  • No weeds
  • Water as needed (especially new plantings)
  • Plans for plants and map of their locations
  • Request materials as needed (three day notice)
  • Notification of changes to group
  • One spring cleanup and fall wrap up.

Click here to read our Volunteer Mission Statement